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Buy high-quality Astroworld Merch from our wide Travis Scott collection of Astroworld Hoodies, t-shirts and Hats with free shipping all over the globe.

Astroworld Merch

Astroworld is the 1/3 studio album by American rapper and document producer Travis Scott. Astroworld Festival was founded by Travis Scott, a music fest curated by the Houston native himself.

Astroworld Merch

Travis Scott is an American singer, rapper, and record producer who rose to fame with his unique music aspirations. Scott released his first project called “mixtape owl pharaoh” in 2013, which was followed by “days before Rodeo” in August 2014. Travis’s first smashing single was “Antidote,” which was followed by his second album “Birds in the Trap sing McKnight” that took him to the top position in Billboard Hot 200. 

Travis became a sensation in the music industry with his 2018’s much-awaited release “Astroworld.” His first number one on Billboard hot 100 was a song called “Sicko Mode” from his Astroworld album. His wide-spread popularity and appraisal are because of the exclusive combination of different music genres that we see in his songs. Travis’s music is mostly a fusion of hip-hop, lo-fi, and ambient, which is very rare to find elsewhere. 

The back-to-back releases and full-bloom world tours added to his popularity, and today, Travis Scott is a global star. He has been nominated for Grammy awards six times by now and has also won a Billboard award. 

Astroworld Merchandise

The official Astroworld merch was launched with the album in August 2018 and sold like hotcakes. The most popular items from Astroworld merchandise were hoodies, hats, tour merch, and shirts. Travis Scott unveiled the initial merch himself, which intrigued his fans, and everyone was going gaga over those limited-edition items. But, if you couldn’t get your hands on those first merch items, worry not because we are here with an awesome Astroworld merch collection. 

This merchandise has many limited-edition items and designs so that you can show your love for the artist and look cool as well. Our Travis Scott merchandise is one-of-its-kind due to the attention to detailing and durable materials. We never compromise on quality and style so that you can make this merch your statement style without breaking your bank. 

These merch items are designed according to Astroworld album’s theme to help you re-live those moments and experience those nostalgic feels which are associated with the album. Travis loved Astroworld Park as a child and never wanted to see it getting demolished. But unfortunately, life happened, and his favorite childhood place went off the map. Whether you relate to Travis’s feelings towards Astroworld Park or love him in general, this merch is the best way to express yourself. 

Is Travis Scott’s Astroworld merch worth it?

Totally! Travis Scott worked extremely hard to pay tribute to his beloved theme park, and his album is enough to prove that. If you want to experience those nostalgic and heart-wrenching feels of losing a home-like place, this merch is the deal. Its limited designs and artistic portrayal will make you fall in love with Travis even more. We have designed this merch while keeping everyone’s sense-of-style in mind so that no one has to just settle. You can explore and pick your favorite merch items that will become your statement pieces for long. You can unleash your wild spirit, show your soft personality, or express your broken heart with the heart-felt lines from Travis Scott’s album. All these factors indicate that this merch is worth your money and emotions alike. We have developed a creative outlet for Scott’s fans where they can shop some of the best merchandise pieces present out there. 

What is Astroworld?

Astroworld was a theme park in Houston, Texas. This park was developed in 1968 by the city’s mayor as a recreation site for the kids. It had multiple roller-coasters, rides, treasure hunts, and whatnot. Astroworld was a popular place for Houston’s residents as it provided them with a peaceful hideout from life’s responsibilities. However, Astroworld’s bad time started in 1975 when it was sold to an Organization called Six Flags. In 2005, this organization demolished Astroworld Park for multiple commercial and residential projects. 

Travis Scott  has some very fond memories of visiting Astroworld during his childhood years. This emotional connection with an abolished park led Scott to release his world-wide hit album Astroworld in 2018. Today, TS is known for his marvelous work and plea for getting back his deer park, which used to be in the center of his city.  you can visit Travis Scott official website.

How much does Astroworld merch cost?

Our Astroworld merch has a wide variety of items i.e., key chains, hoodies, phone cases, tees, jackets, and shoes. The cost for each merch item will vary according to its type and material used in its making. For example, you can easily get Astroworld key chains for $10, but for a denim jacket, the price will be anywhere between $200 and $400. We charge justified prices and provide high-quality items, which means you shouldn’t worry about over-spending when you shop from us. 

Where can I buy real Astroworld Merch?

We are the most-trusted and far-reaching Astroworld merch manufacturers in the US. With multiple warehouses, production units, and delivery partners, we can ship this merch across the world. No matter which country you live in, you can get authentic, beautiful, and exclusive Astroworld merch from our store. We have a huge collection of items in every category and never run out-of-stock, which shows that you can shop from here without any trouble. Whichever Astroworld item you love, place an order here, and we’ll deliver it directly at your doorstep. 

How to get cheap Travis Scott Merch?

Visit our Astroworld merch collection, select the items you like, and add them to your cart. After that, complete the payment processing and checkout. We’ll ship these items soon after the order confirmation so that you can rock your customized look. Our payment process is simple and easy-to-understand, which never takes much of your time. Moreover, with our speedy delivery process, you won’t have to wait for this merch, either. 

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We have a broad range of exclusive Astroworld merch that will match your sense-of-style and portray your love for the artist as well. Scroll through our store and pick some amazing merch items before they are gone!